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Silver Falcon Chimera

Silver Falcon Chimera

$ 289.95 $ 389.99

Finally skilled players are given the option to use a joystick, a Chimera hybrid, or a controller.  

This e-sports driven controller gives you options no other controller boasts

  • The left side is detachable, allowing for different controller types and sizes.
  • The D-Pad rotates up to 20 degrees and is 100% replaceable.
  • The 8 buttons are replaceable individually...or if you're in a hurry, detach the entire top lid and pop in another set of 8 buttons in under 2 minutes!!
  • System access buttons (like Start, home, select, and touchpad) are conveniently tucked away on the side. This helps to eliminate accidental button presses.
  • The left side or controller side is customizable with swapable sides.  What does that mean?:  Different grips, 8-way Silent Joystick (coming soon), and even other alternative controller options.

This gives competitors an unparalleled edge where your concerns are now focused on your game play and not your equipment!

Beat your enemies like a Boss and Adjust the rest into OBLIVION!

[NOTE: This is not the final illustration of the Silver Falcon Chimera Hybrid controller]