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Origins of Silver Falcon Competitive Technologies, LLC


Silver Falcon Competitive Technologies, LLC (SFTechusa or SFTech) was created to imbue the gaming community with real competitive gaming technologies. 

Erick Rodgers saw a need to arrest this problem by providing his own unique flair for gaming passion.  

Not able to do crazy combos with arcade sticks and unimpressed with controllers, he provided the first in a host of products for SFTech in what is known as the Silver Falcon Chimera!

Erick's vision doesn't just stop at the fighting game community.  Instead he want's to bring high end accessories for all video gaming genre's while providing a competitive price.  

We begin with this Kickstarter Campaign, but from there, we will provide much more. 

Silver Falcon Competitive Technologies, LLC, products lets you beat your enemies like a boss, while adjusting the rest in to oblivion!