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Life proof of concept at EVO!

Entering EVO has been an interesting achievement by Silver Falcon Competitive Technologies, LLC.  We didn't have a booth to promote the Silver Falcon Chimera, but we did have the owner competing with our premier prototype. 

 Although we defeated a couple people, it looks like the reign of terror ended in winners bracket against Ricky Ortiz. What a way to go in the first pool. This fight was recorded by none other than Lady Kira, who we give a special shout out to. 

Ricky Ortiz's Chun-Li quickly proved to be a problem,as it appeared that she plays a little differently than most.

Of course those of you who know are probably thinking, of course she does, that's why she's Ricky Freaking Ortiz of one of the well known fighting groups, Evil Geniuses. The one thing we could take away from the grueling encounter is one loan round.

Just as she must have been thinking of another opponent, Erick Rodgers aka Lord Silver Falcon, took from her one lone round of glory with the Silver Falcon Chimera. Once Erick was placed into the losers bracket, he didn't despair, but worried of his second encounter with Ricky Ortiz. Unfortunately, that wouldn't be, as Oreo defeated Lord Silver Falcon from the tourney. 

A little more shaken from his loss at Ricky, he didn't focus as well as he should have on defeating, the last remaining opponent in the losers bracket, which forced a final battle in the pool for the expected winner, Ricky, who quickly defeated Oreo.

Although defeated in our first pool, the proof of concept appears to have worked great! Till next time, we'll be checking out a few more things here at EVO!!

Stay Tuned! 

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