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Welcome to Silver Falcon Competitive Technologies!!!

Silver Falcon Competitive Technologies, LLC exists to provide the highest quality competitive products for tournament games and hardcore players, the world around.  

We begin with the Silver Falcon Chimera, a hybrid controller embodied with high grade parts, online firmware adjustments, and a host of other options.

This new hybrid controller...or Chimera...will come equipped with:

  • A custom removable D-Pad that twist up to 20 Degrees
  • Removable Sanwa buttons
  • A contoured grip
  • Flip up panels to access the interior
  • Tripod mount

To further the Silver Falcon Chimera's dominance, we are developing 3 alternative D-Pad options to give you the ultimate in attack possibilities. Erick Rodgers will be at EVO demonstrating this controller in competition.  

A Kickstarter campaign has been erected to help facilitate the first run of this new dominant controller. 

Our goal is to not stop here, but provide a long line of competitive gaming products for just about every gaming genre on the market.  

Excuse our dust while we make bold new changes to the gaming world!  

Thank You!


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